Matt Blair – CEO

Audra and I felt God calling us to start our own Non-for profit in 2016. Our previous experience working in the non-profit world showed us that we have been blessed with the ability to connect people to practical resources. The personal connection to this community is my brother Scott who is a Chicago police officer.

Our vision for The Well is to build a trusted safe space for First Responders and their families. We want to create a model that not only will impact other first responder communities in Chicago but that we can duplicate this model in any first responder community in the country. We want to see our center on the northwest side to be a space where first responders and their families can find mental, relational, physical and spiritual resources that can empower them to see transformation in their own lives. We want The Well to be a place they can go for community not a hot line they can call.
I LOVE seeing transformation happen. I have countless stories of a first responder or a family member coming to The Well completely broken and I have gotten a first-row seat to seeing them find healing. I love the stories I get to hear (sometimes difficult stories) of how this community of heroes help each other. I love seeing The Well family prove someone wrong when they think they are alone in this world.

Audra Blair – COO

In 2009 Audra graduated from college and started her corporate career in sales and recruiting. In 2013 Matt and Audra welcomed their first child, Robert, into the world and Audra became a full-time mom and volunteer at Inner-City-Impact. Audra always been passionate about people, especially ones who are marginalized and overlooked. In 2016 Audra was more than excited to join Matt and use her skills to help form and grow The Well. Besides operations, Audra hosts a Wednesday night community group for spouses and partners to First Responders.

 Every day at The Well I get a front row seat in seeing God show up and work in supernatural ways time and time again which has tremendously bolstered my own faith.

Meet the Team

Cyrus Martinez – Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator

Cyrus was born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago and earned a BS in finance and Management from UIC. After graduating, Cyrus joined the Chicago Police Department where he remained for 8 years. During his time with CPD, we worked primarily on tactical and gang units, covering the north and west sides of the city. In December 2020, Cyrus made the move to the Chicago Fire Department and is currently stationed downtown. As a firefighter and a former police officer, Cyrus has experienced the pressure and hardships that come along with being a first responder- an otherwise rewarding career. He understands the importance of encouragement, a strong support-system, and simply blowing off steam.

Cyrus finds joy in helping people achieve well-being and firmly believes that fitness, sports, and positive social interactions aid in countering the many stressors of being a first responder, Above all, Cyrus loves his family. He is grateful for the moments he has with his wife and three little girls – as well as time spent with other close family and friends.

Robie Purohit- Director of Finance

Robie Purohit grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and graduated with an Accounting/Auditing degree from DePaul University. She has over 10 years of Accounting experience and is very excited to start this new chapter in her life.

Robie has known Matt and Audra for well over a decade. They both attended Branch Community Church and have all participated in several small group sessions. This connection led Robie to join Matt and Audra at The Well. Robie graduated from DePaul University with an Accounting/Auditing degree and has over 10 years of experience primarily in the government and private sector. She is very excited for this new chapter in her life.

When Robie is not working at The Well, you can catch Robie exploring new places and trying new foods with her husband Shaun, and their 2 kids Sophie and Nathan.

Gosia- Yoga Instructor Volunteer
Gosia- Yoga Instructor Volunteer

Gosia has been a volunteer yoga instructor at The Well for over two years. Her passion and appreciation for our first responder community is evident as she gives her time weekly for a free hour yoga session for first responder families. Gosia is also a senior communications specialist and yoga instructor at Big Shoulders Yoga studio.

Jay- Roll Call Specialist Volunteer
Jay- Roll Call Specialist Volunteer

Jay has been involved with The Well for over a year now and serves at the 16th police district in Jefferson Park. Jay is a presence at weekly Roll Calls and loves connecting with people. Jay is the outreach pastor at Cityline Bible Church.

Board of Directors

Allen LeeRetired Chicago Police Lieutenant
Allen Lee
Retired Chicago Police Lieutenant
Robert HillProject Executive at The Hill Group
Robert Hill
Project Executive at The Hill Group
Emily PagoneCounseling Practice Owner of Authentic Growth Wellness, LCPC
Emily Pagone
Counseling Practice Owner of Authentic Growth Wellness, LCPC
Hunter ClintonOwner/Operator at Chick-Fil-A Norridge
Hunter Clinton
Owner/Operator at Chick-Fil-A Norridge

Our Mission


The Well Resource Center exists to serve First Responders in Chicago’s Northwest Side along with their families to be “a place where people are with and for you.”


The Well Resource Center and it’s staff’s goal is to see transformation in our first responders and their families emotional, spiritual, relational and physical health by creating engaging, community-enriching, need-based environments.