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Welcome to The Well

Our mission at The Well is to provide appreciation, respect and support for first responders and for the work they do to keep our city safe.

Our programs are designed to create trusted and engaging environments that improve mental, physical, relational and spiritual health for the entire first responder family unit.

Spiritual health is one of the chief cornerstones of our organization.

Our desire is to see transformation and healing in our first responder families. In doing so, we meet our mission to provide appreciation (identifying with their need), respect (prayer for them individually and as a force) and support (groups, conversations, connections), for the work they do to keep our city safe.



Our Programs

Higgins Social

We all need a space to decompress after work and this is a chance to decompress with a group of guys who are all going through a similar stuff.


Midweek is designed specifically for the wives of police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, and other first responders.

Well Played Adults

The Well uses sports to provide a space to engage two practical needs; physical exercise and community.

Well Care

Part of The Well’s mission is to provide safe and trusted environments for Chicago Police Officers, Fire Fighters and emergency workers.

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